Top 5 countries where you can retire for less than 1,500$ per month in 2020

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Low cost of living and safe neighbourhoods is a top consideration for many people in 2019

Scores of 2020 Global Peace Index 163 countries where analysed relating to their peacefulness

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1. Austria


  • Global Peace Index Rank: 4/163

  • Cost of Living Index: 71.79

  • Retirement Visa: You’ll need a residence permit if you’re staying longer than six months, plus proof of sufficient financial means. 

2. Australia


  • Global Peace Index: 13/163

  • Cost of Living Index: 72.08

  • Retirement Visa: Fast-track permanent residency programs require high net worth. Otherwise, apply for a visitor visa and reapply as needed. After four years, you may qualify for a permanent residency visa.

3. Czech Republic


  • Global Peace Index: 8/163

  • Cost of Living Index: 45.12

  • Retirement Visa: No retirement visa scheme, but a long-term residence permit is awarded in certain situations. You’ll need proof of health insurance regardless of trip length.

4. Portugal

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  • Global Peace Index: 3/163

  • Cost of Living Index: 50.39

  • Retirement Visa: You can apply for a permanent residency visa if you have proof of financial means.

5. Slovenia


  • Global Peace Index: 11/163

  • Cost of Living Index: 52.51

  • Retirement Visa: If you stay longer than 90 days, apply for a residence permit. You’ll need proof of health insurance, sufficient income, and a permanent address.


Source: Investopedia


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