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What subject do Civil Engineering students study at the top 20 Universities in the UK in 2022

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering deals with the design and construction of our physical and built environments.

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Civil Engineering - Top 20 University 2021 List

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  1. University of Cambridge

  2. Imperial College London

  3. University of Oxford

  4. University of Bristol

  5. University of Glasgow

  6. University of Bath

  7. University of Southampton

  8. University of Sheffield

  9. University of Leeds

  10. Loughborough University

  11. UCL (University College London)

  12. University of Strathclyde

  13. University of Nottingham

  14. University of Liverpool

  15. University of Birmingham

  16. University of Manchester

  17. Northumbria University, Newcastle

  18. Heriot-Watt University

  19. Ulster University

  20. University of Dundee