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If you are passionate about Civil Engineering and Structures as we are, then we would like to hear from you. Become an SI Guest Writer and get your work published on our site offering exposure to our enthusiastic audience 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦.


You get credit for the article with a short bio and a link in the bio to your prefered social media or website.


Our mission is to be your source for the most fascinating structural and architectural content around the globe. Ideal for travellers who want to explore the most fascinating and complex structures on earth.


Structure Insider's goal is to provide valuable academic information for its readers as well as widen their understanding of the importance of civil engineering in the modern infrastructure of the world. 

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Some examples of our most successful articles for you to get inspired:


1. Write an Article

Share your knowledge about a structure in your neighborhood, country, or the world that people never heard of, or write about an engineering design method you learned at the University

- You choose.

2. Put it out there

In your article include key facts, interesting engineering information of the building, bridge, stadium or etc.

 - And don't forget to follow the Editorial Guidelines.

3. Get it Published

When your article is approved by our team it will get published where the whole world can see it. You get full credit for it and a do-follow link to your social media or website.

-You are awesome


  1. Quality is key, include relevant images and videos (if applicable)

  2. Article length should be at least 500+ words

  3. Needs to be original

  4. We reserve the right to format or reject the submitted article to match the Structures Insider editorial style. 

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