The 5 Greatest Engineers of All Times

Engineering has been transforming our world and bringing innovation.Here are the 5 greatest engineers in the industry of Civil, Computing, Mechanical, Automotive and Aerospace engineering of ALL TIMES

5. Civil Engineering

Isambard Kingdom Brunel 🇬🇧

Isambard Kingdom Brunel (9 April 1806 – 15 September 1859), was an English civil engineer who is considered "one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history", "one of the 19th-century engineering giants", and "one of the greatest figures of the Industrial Revolution, who changed the face of the English landscape with his groundbreaking designs and ingenious constructions".

Brunel is known for a project such as:

Great Western Railway

Clifton Suspension Bridge

SS Great Britain

4. Mechanical Engineering

Nikola Tesla 🇷🇸