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The National Library of Belarus is building entirely from diamonds - Here's How

General Information ℹ️

The diamond shape design combines functionality and modern design solutions, increasing open spaces and enhances the multifunctional uses of rooms.

The National Library of Belarus is the biggest library in the Republic of Belarus.

Its depository collections include about 10 million items of various media.

The height of the building is 73.6 metres (241.5 feet) and weight is 115 000 tones (not including books). The building has 23 floors.

Designed by architects Mihail Vinogradov and Viktor Kramarenko.

Location: Minsk.

History 📑

In 1989 a USSR-wide contest was held to choose the best architectural design for the Library. The winners – architects Viktor Kramarenko and Mikhail Vinogradov – suggested the Belarusian diamond design that combines functionality and modern design solutions

The country’s top library was founded in 1922 under the aegis of the Belarusian State University. Back then it was named the Belarusian State and University Library. Initially, it contained 60,000 books.

The design envisaged the construction of an original building in the shape of a rhombicuboctahedron — a complex polyhedron of 18 squares and 8 triangles resting on a supporting podium (stylobate). The surface of the diamond is covered by glass.

The authors wanted the cut diamond shape to symbolize the value of knowledge and the endlessness of the perceptible world.

Nevertheless, it took 13 years to get the daring design approved and implemented




Engineering 🏗

LED Technology

The architect and professor Viktor Kramarenko describes the challenge: “At sunset the brightness of the facade fades, the outdoor lighting is not effective and therefore the glass panels reflect the light into the space.

The suggestion was to hide the light sources behind the glass, creating a large 25×25 monitor with a diameter of 62 m. 4,646 LED colour changing panels were placed around the building, as a result, viewers can see from far away, a fantastic show with incredible dynamic graphics. It is extraordinary building engineers and lighting designers created.


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