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Worth £630 million is the new stadium for AC Milan and Inter planned to open in 2022

  • The legendary San Siro Stadium is getting demolished after 93 years in service

  • The stadium had a total capacity of 80,018 and a field size of 105m x 68m

  • Both Inter and Milan teams agreed for a new 60,000 capacity venue built next to San Siro

  • The iconic stadium hosted the 1934 FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro 1980, 1990 FIFA World Cup as well as boxing and many concerts


The stadium in Milan was designed by architect Stacchini and engineer Cugini based on an Anglo-Saxon model, characterised by four independent stands. The construction began in 1925 at “ Via Piccolomini 5, 20151” in Milan. In total, the stadium undertook four renovations, in 1935, 1955, 1990 and in 2015-16.

In 1955, engineers Armando Ronca and Ferruccio Calzolari developed the project for the second extension of the stadium, which was meant to increase the capacity from 50,000 to 150,000 visitors.

Calzolari and Ronca proposed three additional, vertically arranged, rings of spectator rows.

Nineteen spiralling ramps – each 200 metres long – gave access to the upper tiers. During construction, the realisation of the highest of the three rings was abandoned and the number of visitors limited to 100,000.

The four main towers are 51 metres in height and support the roofs main beams.

The new stadium will be constructed partly below street level to reduce the visual impact on the nearby neighbourhood. The area around the stadium will be developed hence renovating that area of the city of Milan.


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