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BIM: The key metadata components held in file names, that need to be held and managed to support CDE


What is Metadata?

Metadata is about the container controlling its position and status in the process. The metadata is a set of data that gives information about other data. ISO 19650 series requires, as a minimum, the following metadata within the Common Data Environment (CDE).

Every container should document a single building zone or asset (location), contained within a single volume of space

What is CDE?

A common data environment (CDE) is a digital information platform that centralizes project data storage and access, typically related to construction projects and building information modeling (BIM) workflows. The data stored in a CDE originally consisted of BIM data and information.

Definition by Trimble


Key metadata components (example):

  • File naming

  • Revision and versioning

  • Status of container contents – what it can be used for

  • Location

  • Federation or volume

  • Originator

  • Type of information in the container

  • Unique reference number


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Source: BS1192:2007

Structures of names: which gives the revisions and status code. It shows the iterative nature of the information as it progresses to completion.

File container revision codes: Revision code is required t