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Everything you need to know about getting a CSCS card in the UK

CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme. There are cards available for different levels of workers in the construction industry. Although it is not a legal requirement to have a CSCS card today, large construction companies consider them indispensable.

It's an excellent addition to your skill set and shows that you are knowledgeable about safety and health. Employers in the UK will see that you have the necessary training to work on-site and that you follow all routine procedures.

Who is CITB?

The Construction Industry Training Board is the CITB. They conduct the safety and health tests required to be eligible for a CSCS Card. This educational training organization issues the mandatory tests for obtaining a CSCS Card.

CSCS Card Guide

Many cards can be obtained throughout a construction worker’s career. Each card is valid for five years after approval. Many managers in the industry aim to obtain a CSCS Black Card. This card is the highest-ranking CSCS Card and demonstrates your managerial competence.

Green Card (Labourer card)

This card can be obtained by workers who have been trained as construction workers or laborers in a construction setting. This card proves that the worker has valid skills and is able to perform their duties on-site.

Read more about the Green Card:

Red Card

Depending on your experience, there are four versions of the red card. All red cards can be temporary. These are the four types: general trainee, technical supervisor, manager, or apprentice. The red card is generally for people just starting out in the construction industry, for those who will soon move to another role, or for those who temporarily enlisted.