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Fake or Real? Visit the Eiffel Tower Replicas around the world

Updated: Aug 17, 2020



Facts 📚📐


Eiffel Tower that was originally introduced to the world in 1889 in Paris is a one of a kind metal structure. It became a global cultural icon and a national treasure of France.

Over the years a lot of replicas all around the world try to resemble the "Original One", the Eiffel Tower.

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Dragon Tower 🐉

  • Built in 2000, Dragon Tower is 336 m (1,102 ft) tall.

  • The tower's main uses are telecommunication and tourist observation.

  • The Dragon is the second tallest freestanding lattice tower in the world and 12 m (39 ft) taller than the Eiffel tower. 🤔

  • Check its official website, here

Tokyo Tower 🗼


  • Built-in 1958, the tower's main sources of income are tourism and antenna leasing.

  • Over 150 million people have visited the tower which stands at 333 m (1,093 ft).

  • There are two Main Decks, one at 150 m (490 ft) and the top deck is at a height of 249.6 m (819ft).

  • It was constructed of steel, a third of which was scrap metal taken from US tanks damaged in the Korean War.

  • Tokyo Tower only weighs about 4,000 tons, 3,300 tons less than the Eiffel Tower.🤔

Paris Las Vegas 🎰

  • The Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas opened in 1999 and stands up to 164.6 m (540 ft).

  • Original plans for the Eiffel Tower called for a full-scale replica, however that would have interfered with the nearby McCarran Airport and designers, therefore, reduced it to approximately 1:2 scale

  • The Las Vegas tower is 160m lower than the original one making it a very small version of the original one.



  1. Dragon Tower 🐉: 336 m (1,102 ft) - 12m taller than Eiffel Tower

  2. Tokyo Tower 🗼333 m (1,093 ft) - 9m taller than Eiffel Tower

  3. Paris Las Vegas 🎰: 164.6 m (540 ft). - 160m shorter than Eiffel Tower


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