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Introducing CivilsGPT: Your Civil Engineering AI Assistant

Have you ever wished you could extract data from a document by simply asking it a question? Your long hours of reading and Ctrl + F have not been sufficient. Your eyes are strained trying to comb through pages of technical jargon.

Look no further, because CivilsGPT is here to help. Developed by, this advanced platform combines state-of-the-art technology with the efficient organization to streamline your engineering workflows.

With CivilsGPT, you have the power to create a repository to store and interact with your most important Engineering design documents. What sets this document storage solution apart is its unique capability to train an AI assistant using your own knowledge and experience. By simply adding documents to the repository, you can enhance your AI's abilities and create a customized digital assistant that offers valuable insights and support. This investment in your personal archives will prove invaluable as they become an abundant source of knowledge and expertise for your future career endeavors.

Moreover, the platform prioritizes the utmost security and privacy, ensuring that all your data remains confidential. As engineers and designers, it is crucial to keep our work in the hands of professionals.

CivilsGPT goes beyond being a mere assistant; it can perform automated engineering analysis to free up more time in your workflow. Once your AI is trained, you can effortlessly navigate through your documents and extract data in the format you need. The AI can generate text summaries, lists, and tables, and identify trends within your documents. Additionally, it can perform basic engineering calculations to verify your design proposals against regulations and codes, helping you detect errors.

Getting started takes 4 simple steps (click here for access)

  1. Upload your PDF documents

  2. Wait for your AI assistant to process and create a knowledge base from the documents

  3. Ask your AI questions about multiple documents at once in the chat box

  4. Your AI assistant will read your documents and answer your question

Here are some examples of documents that you can upload:

  • Site reports

  • Design codes

  • Project specs

  • Design calculations

  • Geotech reports

  • Environmental reports

Once you upload these documents, you can ask specific questions about their contents. The AI can handle documents of up to approximately 2000 pages. If the AI doesn't have the answer, it will inform you that the information is not available in the report.

So, how does CivilsGPT work exactly? We utilize a technique called AI embeddings to create a semantic similarity index for the PDF report's content. When you ask a question about the document, the software compares your question to different sections of the report to identify the most semantically similar section that potentially answers your question. We then send that question, along with the relevant section of the report, as a prompt to an LLM (language model) to generate an answer to your question and reference the page number. We use the semantic similarity index because there is a token limit when querying the LLMs we employ, and sending the entire report content would exceed the limit and be less efficient. If you're interested in building your own system, you can read about LangChain, which is helpful in this regard.

CivilsGPT has the potential to be useful not only for technical and design documents but also for summarizing contract documents and quickly identifying project scope, even when time is limited, during the initial stages of a construction project. Additionally, as design codes evolve and new editions are published, CivilsGPT can meticulously scan through code sections, ensuring that no small and easily overlooked details are missed.

With CivilsGPT, you have a trusted ally for your engineering endeavors. It simplifies document analysis, improves accuracy, and saves you valuable time and effort.

The most remarkable thing about besides the technology is the price, all of this plus the full suite of all their Engineering calculators for Geotechnical, Structural, and Tunnelling calculators is available for just $10 per month, making it one of the most affordable AI products on the market today.


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