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Milan on coronavirus lockdown: Milan's cathedral as never seen before | Read to learn more

Structure's General Information ℹ️

Location: Via Carlo Maria Martini, 1 20122 Milan, Italy 🇮🇹

Architect: Simone da Orsenigo

Style: Italian/ Rayonnant Gothic

Construction Start Date: 1386

Website: Milan Duomo

Tickets: at Milan Cathedral and Rooftop Ticket from 14.92£



  • The death toll in Italy has passed 230, with officials reporting more than 36 deaths in 24 hours. - BBC reports

  • Over five million people visit the Duomo every year, according to Culture Trip.


Architectural Insight

The Duomo is the fifth largest Christian church in the world and remains incomplete for centuries. They say there are more statues on this gothic-style cathedral than any other building in the world. There are 3,400 statues, 135 gargoyles and 700 figures that decorate Milan Duomo! Climb the stairs or take the lift to the rooftop to fully appreciate the architecture of the most renowned silhouette in the city. The highest point of the dome occupies the Madonnina (Little Madonna), the 4.16 meters (13.6 feet) large golden statue at 108.5 meters (356 feet) height shines afar in the sun.


Milan: The ghost city of Europe as coronavirus strikes in Europe.


Engineering Insight

Plan View of Cathedral

Construction began in 1386 and finished centuries after in 1965 taking an astonishing 579 years to build. The materials used were Brick with local Candoglia marble. Three main buildings had to be demolished prior to the construction works could start. as a starting point in 1386, 300 workers led by chief engineer Simone da Orsenigo were appointed to the project. The cathedral can accommodate a capacity of 40,000 spectators.

Dimensions specifications : 158.6 x 92 x 108 metres


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