Structure Review: St. Paul's Cathedral, London 🇬🇧

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Structure Review

St Paul's, London by Mark Fosh

General Info 📚

  • Location: London, EC4, UK

  • Style: English Baroque

  • Years of construction: 1256 and 1675

  • Construction cost: cost covered by a special tax on coal

  • Total height: 365FT (111 m)

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Design 🏗

Design of St Paul's was very challenging due to the relatively weak London's clay, meaning the heavy structure would sink through the years. St Paul's is unusual among cathedrals in that there is a crypt, the largest in Europe.

Half the space of the crypt is taken up by massive piers which spread the weight of the much slimmer piers of the church above.8 piers support the dome of the cathedral which is frankly unusual since only four pier foundations were used on most cathedrals at that time.

William Dickinson's plan for the floor paving (1709–1710)

Another challenge was the height of the dome.