The Art of Scale in Construction: A Miniature House

Updated: Mar 31

By: Studio Destto



If you are a student or construction professional, you will know the hours of study and experience that are needed to achieve the necessary knowledge on a construction site, but have you ever thought about learning to build in a more intuitive and entertaining way from home before going out to practice in the professional world? Here we explain a little. Studio Destto is a YouTube channel created by a group of architects and engineers that teaches the principles of architecture and construction using miniature pieces. You will discover videos of how to make mini tools for construction and all the processes you need to build a house from scratch. Although they are made on a small scale, we use real construction methods and in this post, we will describe step by step one of our latest projects and what is the process of this incredible miniature tower house. To begin with this project, the design of the "tower house" created by the group of architects "GLUCK +" was taken as a reference. The idea was so unusual and magnificent that we took this great work as a starting point, adapted it and designed it in the “Destto style”.

Once the design is finished, we gather the necessary materials such as miniature bricks, sand, cement, wood, glass, cardboard and many others that you can see in the video.

We made a box covered with sand to simulate the terrain of the construction of the project and we began with the marking and excavation of the foundations, we made the structure of the foundation footing structure, beams and columns and stirrups made with wire. Having the structures ready we proceed to the location and tie the entire foundation structure.

Once the foundation structure is made, we proceed to make concrete with cement, sand and water (2: 1: 1), We do the respective casting process and wait one day for it to take consistency, the next day we proceed to place the formwork made of acrylic that we designed ourselves and that will form the first columns with the concrete and the structural steel rebar.

Throughout the process we are assembling and pouring the concrete in each of the structures that are required according to the design, do not forget that since there is more than one level we must leave a section in the columns free of concrete to tie the following ones. The structure of this complex design took a full week to complete and is documented and summarized in the video.

We make the concrete slab with a welde