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Top class office space in Warsaw - Rondo 1 | Structures Insider

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

General Information

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The office complex consists of two buildings: A 40-storey glass tower (Building B) parallel to Aleja Jana Pawła II Avenue and the 10-storey Building A, with a matt opaque glass façade, along Świętokrzyska Street. Rondo 1 offers office and commercial space tailored to the highest standards. Premises for lease can be arranged in any manner to fully meet the needs of the most demanding tenants.

The form of this 40-storey office tower was determined following an in-depth study of the emerging office market in Warsaw. By off-setting the elevator core, the plan has been able to accommodate both the open office arrangement preferred by many European and American financial tenants and the cellular office arrangement prevalent in Germany.

The atrium separating the elevators from the body of the tower ensures the absolute security of the tenant spaces and provides for a breath-taking reception experience on each floor.


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The skyscrapers its copper-coloured cladding is what makes it unique. The building was originally designed to be surfaced in reflective silver glass in order to mirror the buildings surrounding but eventually came to be wrapped in equally reflective bronze-tinted glass.



Unique award-winning architecture

Rondo 1 was the first tall building in Europe to obtain the LEED® Gold environmental certificate for "Existing buildings".

The LEED® certificate for "Existing buildings" involves ongoing verification of the building’s performance parameters and demands continuous performance improvements in order to meet the evolving and ever more stringent requirements of the certification system. Among other things, the process evaluates the sustainability of the location, efficient use of water and energy resources or the materials used.

The LEED® Platinum certificate defines the building as a green structure - more energy-efficient, environmentally responsible and user-friendly. Rondo 1 is committed to sustainable development, maintaining green terraces, using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and promoting sustainability among its tenants.






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