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Tulip tower in London rejected by Major Sadiq Khan

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The planned skyscraper was rejected by the London Review Panel

The design proposal was a 300m (984 ft) skyscraper to be constructed beside the Gherkin tower on Bury Street, in downtown London.

The firm behind the design is Norman Foster's architects were "disappointed" and have a right to appeal the mayor's decision to reject the proposal.

The "Tulip" would have been the second tallest building in western Europe right behind its neighbour, The Shard.

City of London
City of London

Some of the reasons behind the rejection of the project, quoting from the BBC were:

  • The design did not constitute the very highest quality of design required for a building in the location

  • The proximity, height and material would have a negative impact on the Tower of London World Heritage site

  • The space around the proposed building was insufficient to be safe and to prevent overcrowding

  • A lack of new cycle parking spaces failed to comply with the London Plan for transport.

The chief executive of Historic England, Duncan Wilson, had expressed similar concerns with Mr Sadiq Khan.

“ This building, a lift shaft with a bulge on top, would damage the very thing its developers claim they will deliver – tourism and views of London’s extraordinary heritage,” Wilson said.


Since you’re here…

  • 30 billion rubles is estimated to cost the new skyscraper in Moscow city.

  • Officials from the Moscow mayor office say the "One Tower" will be 405m (1328 feet) high with 101 floors.

  • The one tower will surpass his neighbour " Federation Tower " which stands at a height of 373.7 m (1226 ft).



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