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Which building has the world's deepest foundations?


Twin's Towers of Malaysia has the world's deepest foundations. Which is situated in Kaula— Lampur Malaysia. The depth of its foundations is 120m ( i.e. 400ft approx ).

On the purposed site of Twin's Towers of Malaysia, the available on top was black cotton soil. Usually, no civil engineering structures are constructed over this without any improvement made within this soil. It's is because of following two majors reasons :

  1. First of all the bearing capacity of this soil is very small due to the presence of or organic matter in high content.

  2. Black cotton soil swells and shrinks when comes in contact with water due to the presence of a chemical compound called Montmorillonite. Which could lead to the failure of foundations.

The major role played for this much depth of foundations for Twins Towers of Malaysia was the Black cotton soil and another one was the unavailability of sound soil strata that could bear the massive load of the tower coming upon it.



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