Civil Engineer Career Path by Abdullah Ali Abbasi

by Abdullah Ali Abbasi

Civil engineering is all about the construction and rehabilitation of structures. It is one of the oldest known branches of engineering. There are several types of construction. It defines the types of construction based on their nature, environment, and methodology.

Large scale structures may include dams, airports, highways, canals, rivers, railways, bridges, abutments, apartments, high-rise buildings, banks, bridges, and military safe-haven, etc. Let’s talk in detail

What Does a Civil Engineer Do?

  • Construction of Dams and rivers that store rain and natural stream water are Civil Engineers’ work.

  • Flyovers, Round-About, Freeways, Highways, and other road and infrastructure works are also works that civil engineers do.

  • Irrigation systems for prosperous agricultural growth are also works that Civil Engineers do.

  • Designing and constructing of High rise buildings, public buildings, and housing facilities are other works that civil engineers perform.

  • Have you ever took a flight to move from one city to another or one country to another? You must have used a runway for take-off, a facility to board in, and recreation areas for waiting and leisure. Civil Engineers build these massive structures.

  • I am a Civil Engineer, and I love travelling by railway. I was recently checking videos of Amtrak, and they were fascinating. Do you know who designed and laid the railway lines and all the small and gigantic railway stations? Yes, you guessed it right, Civil Engineers are behind these massive structures. Please read here the Top 5 malls in Islamabad and concerns on the Eighteen Islamabad Project.

  • Cleaner Energy is what we need to save our future generations from the destruction of climatic changes. Clean electricity production on dam turbines is the works of civil engineering professionals. The energy created using water-powered turbines is cleaner in production and also lays off the burden of oil usage.

  • The construction of gardens and other recreational areas is possible due to what civil engineers do.

The duties of a Civil Engineer vary as per the major they select in their final year of bachelor’s studies. Masters in Civil Engineering also defines the field an Engineer is ready to practice at a higher level of autonomy and understanding.

How hard is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is a mildly difficult subject. It requires a lot of numerical works, mathematic