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Construction Materials That You Need as Homeowners | Simply explained

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Whenever you think of building a home for yourself or a commercial place, there are some essential materials that you will definitely need to complete the construction process. You will need many different kinds of materials while constructing a building, and some of them are really essential. Without them, you can’t even think of modern-day architecture.

No matter what kind of structure you decide to build, for whichever purpose you build it, you will need a set list of materials for the construction, and they are a must for the process. As a massive number of construction materials are used in every construction, pointing out the essential ones will help you while you are listing the materials you are going to get for your construction process. The essential materials you must own for constructing a building are-


Bricks are the foremost material of any building, as you already know. They are basically a kind of rectangular block that is traditionally made from dried clay and bounder together with mortar. But apart from clay-made bricks, nowadays there are a variety of materials that are used to make bricks. Bricks have extremely high heat resistance and high compressive strength. But they might easily break if you drop them.

Bricks are used in almost every kind of construction out there. Walls, pillars, fireplaces, pavements, etc., are heavily dependent on bricks for construction. You can bring in different aesthetic looks for your building by using different bricks. You can safely build modern houses by reinforcing the brick with steel rods.


Concrete is one of the most common and essential building materials. It includes crushed gravel, stones, sand, and all these are bound together with Portland cement. The composite material, which is generally known as concrete, has a very high thermal mass and a high compressive strength. But it needs extra reinforcements often, as it has a low tensile strength. You can reinforce the concrete blocks with rebar in case of loadbearing walls. Rebars are basically vertical steel bars that provide concrete with the tensile strength it lacks.

You can use concrete for walls, floors, foundations, supports, tile grouting, roads, sidewalks and for constructing massive structures such as dams. But it is a huge problematic matter that concrete construction is a huge source of the emission of greenhouse gases because of the calcination process, which is required to produce the cement.


Wood is a natural and hard material, and it is one of the oldest materials that is used as a building material. Depending on the tree species, the characteristics of woods vary. But mostly, woods are inexpensive, lightweight, can be modified easily, and they provide insulation during cold weather. But there are also many aesthetic-looking and expensive varieties of woods that are being heavily used these days in modern homes, mostly for interior designing purposes. Even though many other materials are available these days, most people still prefer to have wooden doors for their houses. Some even go for wooden windows to give the house vintage and aesthetic outlook.