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Five Sustainable Ways to Boost the Value of a Property

Five Sustainable Ways to Boost the Value of a Property

If you're looking to drive up the value of your property, then there are several easy improvements you might consider. Modern society at large has become extremely concerned with the state of the environment, and about sustainability more broadly. As such, you might look for improvements that make your home more eco-friendly. This way, you'll benefit the environment, and drive up the value of your property at the same time.

Energy-efficient appliances 

Your home contains a number of appliances that will use energy. These are sometimes fixed into the property itself, and transferred to a new owner. By far the most important of these are the heating systems. An HVAC system that connects every room can offer cold air in the summer, as well as heating during winter. You might also look for a replacement boiler – especially if your existing one has been around for several years.

Water-conservation features

Whenever you take a shower, flush the toilet, or fill up the sink, you're going to be using water. Changing out your shower and toilet for water-efficient replacements can drive down your water usage, and ultimately make the property more appealing.

You might even go as far as to install a greywater system, which will recycle water from your bath and sink and use it to flush the toilets. A system of this kind can be designed from the ground up and even integrated into your garden so, you can use wastewater to grow your plants.

Solar power integration

Five Sustainable Ways to Boost the Value of a Property

Solar panels can allow a property to generate its own energy. In some cases, this might allow you to keep the lights on even during a power outage, which can be invaluable if your power supply is inconsistent. What might dissuade you here is the aesthetic impact that solar panels can have on a property and the potential for legal snags during the selling process. If you can live with these problems, however, solar panels can often make a great investment. It might be that you can even get help from the government.



Green materials 

Not all materials used in construction are made quite alike. By being selective about the ones you choose in your renovation, you can create a space that's appreciably more eco-friendly. You might consider using sustainable forms of timber, like bamboo or recycled glass, for countertops.

Smart home technology

Technology can help drive down the ongoing environmental costs associated with your home. You might look at smart lighting and heating controls, which can be set to a particular schedule and controlled remotely via a smartphone app. That way, you'll be able to turn the heating off when you're out – even if your schedule isn't fixed and predictable. 


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